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Once Again, Trolls Have Ruined the Burning Man Facebook Page

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that the Burning Man trolls are at it again.

Photo via Flickr

There are two time-honored annual traditions associated with Burning Man: the ceremonial burning of the man, and the ceremonial ruining of the event’s Facebook page. Last year, internet trolls came out in epic fashion to participate in the latter, poking fun at the cliché habits of the dust-covered Burners who attend the event. So much meme nonsense accumulated that the page was rendered completely useless. And now, it is with a heavy heart that we must announce that the Burning Man trolls are at it again.


This week, Facebook users took to Burning Man’s 2016 event invite by the hundreds to post about gluten-free contraceptives, the Banksy meet and greet, Juggalo dating apps, Pokemon face swaps, digital soup recipes, and dozens and dozens of photos of Henry Rollins. After a few days, it deteriorated into weird internet insanity, and, whether you find it funny or not, you’ve got to give it up for the sheer force with which the page was made unusable.

So once again, let us give these brave heroes their due…

Sorry to inform you but RIP David Blowie :(

NOT COOL. Respect the Razors this year plz.

Oh hellllllll yea. Also, bring your Beyblade around if you think you're tough enough, pal.

Thank you for the heads up. We will be respectful to your two large sons.

Bummer. Judo Dave dropping the dang ball again.

Oh shiiiiiiiiiit. Burning Man just sitting back and taking it lmao


Hell yeah, love too wake up the guy from gream day when September ends.

The people have spoken. Whoop whoop!

This should really go in the Burning Missed Connections, but any help finding Burt Yurt would be appreciated.

Makes u thimk,

You got it, bruh.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Not to be a narc but we literally just told you Concerning Man is gonna be on patrol.

What kind of potato sack are we talking here?

Keep Burning Man Woke

Hey pal, meet me at the Marvel character vegan cosplay in the next 5 minutes if u want a ass kickin

Mazel! Wishing you a productive and festive cycle, Caitlin!

Yeah toxic waste is no bueno.