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Let's Take Lots of Drugs and Listen to Part of Skullcaster's "Revaluation"

Check out the excerpt from the heavy and heady new cassette. Psychedelics and greenery recommended.

Sorry guys, but there is very little magic to the name Skullcaster. Not that it isn’t a great band name or anything, its just that before you even put the new cassette Revaluation on (available via Holodeck), you have a pretty good goddamn idea of exactly what you’re gonna get- heady, psychedelic music, with shades of darkness.

Look, that’s no shit talk, it’s more like hitting the nail on the head. The new stream of an excerpt from “Revaluation” is confirmation of that, using throbbing synths, sitar samples, and more to come to a spaced out and blissful conclusion over the course of around five minutes. It’s trippy, it’s smart, and it’s just plain dope.

Now somebody let Warpaint know that it’s time to consider a rebranding.