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The Strokes Announce New EP 'Future Present Past' - Listen to Their New Song Now

It's called "OBLIVIUS."

af Kim Taylor Bennett
26 maj 2016, 2:00pm

Yesterday the news broke that Julian Casablancas will be delivering the first installment of his new monthly radio show on SiriusXMU tomorrow, May 26, at 10AM EST. His show is called Culture Void and he'll be playing his favorite music and generally shooting the shit.

You can listen to it via satellite on channel 35, through the SiriusXM app on smartphones, and online at We'd particularly recommend that you listen to this first ep because

1. This Casablancas's maiden radio voyage and you can bet he'll want to kick off the series with a bang.

2. The Strokes are playing Governor's Ball in New York next week and on May 23 Albert Hammond Jr. tweeted this:

See what Albert's hinting here? That The Strokes may play new material at Gov Ball. Hmmm. New material.

Perhaps ahead of Gov Ball there will be some pertinent news and some choice (very exciting) tunes on Culture Void. Better wake up promptly and tune in to find out.


This just popped up in East London. Um, yeah, something is AFOOT

Well this is exciting. Saw this on brick lane tonight. #thestrokes

— Ali Tant (@alistairtant) May 25, 2016


The EP is called Future Present Past and Casablancas just played "OBLIVIUS" the song that's supposed to rep the "present" of The Strokes. You can listen to the song and "Drag Queen (very "Goodbye Horses" meets New Order) in full here. We'd hazard a guess the final song, "Threat of Joy," will get its premiere later today too. It seems pretty clear from the Cult Records site that The Strokes will be releasing through his own indie label.

In the meantime watch The Strokes in conversation where you can hear a little teaser of another song from the EP below.