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PREMIERE: Synths and Colors Become One in Flatliner's New Video for "Blasted Highway"

Play this on a nice CRT TV in the dark.

Are you ever browsing around on the internet, and you see a whole mess of strange colors and aesthetics? It can be really overwhelming at times, a barrage of strange colors and vibes. Above all that though, it's an undeniably attractive thing when you're in the mood for it, or its used creatively like in Flatliner's new video for "Blasted Highway."

Flatliner is a two-piece synth group from Austin, TX dedicated to delivering strange sounds in synth-pop. Their new video for "Blasted Highway" is an extension of this, taking the sounds and beats found from their music and pushing it over to what each note would look like visually. The video shows the duo playing, all overlaid with various digital screen effects and drips. Beats become lines of pulsating color bouncing through the screen and their playing.

Watch the visual below, and read our interview with the duo right here.