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We Talked to New Zealand Artist Scuba Diva, Who Is Also Lorde's Keyboard Player, About His Debut Single

Lorde's keyboardist has stepped out on his own to produce a music created with analog synths, miscellaneous percussion and the influence of Herbie Hancock.

There are some things that you should know about Jimmy Mac, a.k.a. Scuba Diva. He is from Wellington and is a Taurus. He's played drums in Popstrangers and the DHDFHD’s, and he has toured the world as Lorde’s keys player. He's also making his live debut as Scuba Diva by playing this year's ripping New Zealand Laneway festival.

Listen to the debut Scuba Diva single “What’s The Point” and read the world-first interview with him below:


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Noisey: Is there a point?
Jimmy Mac: There isn't. But I'm trying to be a more positive person.

What's it like playing the Grammys with Lorde while wearing a silver suit?
When I put on the silver suit it's a very similar experience to Jim Carrey in The Mask.

Where'd you get it?
From Acne. I believe Robin Thicke and Pharrell were also trying to get it. But there was a Jimmy Mac embargo (mental). After a certain amount of touring I think there is a switch that goes, "Oh yes, I am a man that can wear silver suits now." The suit would never work in everyday life.

The album photo is you of as a young kid. What year? What school?
Maybe 1996. That would make me 8. I'm not very good at knowing ages of children by looking at the face. Nor am I good at knowing how much a child knows at what age. It was at Kapiti School in Paraparaumu, 40-minutes north of Wellington, New Zealand where I grew up.

Have you done any gigs as Scuba Diva yet?
Laneway will be the first Scuba Diva live show and the first time singing in front of anyone. I'm excited.