"Always" by Favored Nations Is a Funked Up Feel Fine Smash

Following the success of their 'Grand Theft Auto IV' soundtrack tune "The Set Up," the globe-trotting trio finally announced their debut LP.

af Kim Taylor Bennett
18 juni 2015, 1:47pm

Here's a quick crib sheet for Favored Nations:

1. They're a trio made up of singer Morgan Phalen (former vocalist of Diamond Nights, currently residing in Sweden), DJ James Curd (DFA), and Surahn “Sid” Sidhu (touring guitarist for Empire of the Sun, so you know he's up for working excellently ridiculous outfits). The latter two live down under.

2. They're notable for two primo songs: "The Set Up" which was a smash from the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack, and "Regular Pussy," a ludicrously louche number full of sexual innuendo, all about being someone's perma-boo—both of which we premiered on Noisey because we love them.

3. They have a full length record coming out! God bless the internet that allows this across the world musical love to take place. The Great Unknown—out via Antler Records on 10.18—is an 18-track opus which, if it's as excellent as their previous loosies, will be a very sweet ride indeed.

But before you can get your hands on that, there's "Always," premiering below. With its ice cube cold Steely Dan lick and bam-bam bass, this is a disco-dazzled, funked up and feel fine cut that'll put you in a splendid mood. Like when you're floating in the pool listening to Chromeo after one too many martinis. Speaking of which, sipping one with a curly straw, as per FN's artwork, is a challenge I'm definitely down for.

"I'll always do the dishes and seal it with a kiss," sings Phalen, and then later, "Such good chit-chat, perfect syntax, always know that I'm gonna be there." Are you kidding? I'll take you for always right now.

Kim Taylor Bennett is dreaming of always by the pool. She's on Twitter.

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