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PREMIERE: Go Back to the Glory Days of New York City in Agnostic Front's "Old New York"

The greatest city of them all, but it just don't feel the same.

Everyone misses what their city used to be like; it's inescapable. Especially if it's the centerpiece upon which all other music scenes are based on, like New York City. From hardcore to to rap, every aspect of the city's creative output has changed in numerous ways and doesn't reflect what it used to look like from year to year. Your younger years of going to shows in shitty venues can be erased completely in a single rent change. It's a constant shift that makes one miss the days of yesterday. Even super tough hardcore dudes like Agnostic Front can get a little sentimental about the past.


Agnostic Front is a hardcore band from good ol' New York City that have been delivering the realest in classic hardcore for over 30 years. In their new video for "Old New York," we follow the band on a subway car, shredding the line for a bunch of onlookers. Normally, buskers would wuss out on playing on a subway car, in fear of some cop getting a stipulation wrong and throwing them off the bus. But who the hell would stop Agnostic Front? They're a bunch of real motherfuckers. Guitarist Vinnie Stigma has been at it forever now, as well as the proud owner of New York Hardcore Tattoos.

Watch below for a look at what New York used to be like, and watch our documentary on the New York hardcore scene right here.

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