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Holy Shit

Big Sean Drops Two New Videos Featuring Kanye West and Jhene Aiko

Watch "I Know" and "All Your Fault" right now.

Big Sean does a lot of cool videos. Last week, he put out a super heartfelt video for the song "One Man Can Change The World." It was a very involved piece featuring Kanye West and John Legend. And now today, he just put out two videos at the same time for "I Know" featuring Jhené Aiko and "All Your Fault" with Kanye West. It's the perfect serving for Big Sean videos: more of them as quickly as possible. Both songs are pretty rad choices of videos, "All Your Fault" has Kanye at his peak, while "I Know" is the sinister sounding jam you'd blast while rolling through downtown Los Angeles at 2 AM.


Check out both videos below, and read our Op-Ed on his most recent album right here.