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Adam Green Collaborates with Mich Dulce to Create Aladdin-inspired Hat Collection

Hot on the heels of his papier-mâché movie masterpiece, 'Adam Green's Aladdin,' comes Green's très chic hat line. You can get 'em with this Noisey code for 40 percent off.

Adam and Mich! Over the past few months we've been all about Adam Green. For one, his reimagining of Aladdin, set in a papier-mâché wonderland, is a modern tale of our time. It's also full of sweet cameos (Regina Spektor! Zoe Kravitz! MGMT!), not to mention Macaulay Culkin, Alia Shawkat, Natasha Lyonne, and fine artist Francesco Clemente. Then there's the film's soundtrack—ostensibly Green's ninth album—and his art shows of the colorful set. For the past few months he's been running around the world bringing all of this multidisciplinary good stuff to fans.


As well as being a full-time awesome dad, Green also somehow found the time to collaborate with award-winning British milliner Mich Dulce, who's worked with everyone from Marjan Pejoski to KTZ, and most recently Maison Michel Paris. As you can see from the pics below he's also roped in his musical pals and movie cast members to model.

Here's the skinny behind the designs: The collection incorporates elements from Adam Green's HOUSEFACE symbolic alphabet, a group of reduced cubist pictographs gleaned from the facial features of the popular cartoon characters Garfield, Big Bird, and Elmo. These trademark symbols have been translated into hand made bands in grosgrain and beads, and its combination with Mich’s traditional millinery and craft techniques. The pieces make use of Mich’s signature fabric T’nalak—a traditional fabric handwoven by the T'boli tribe in the Philippines, luxury peach bloom felt, and raffia straw.

Because these designs are of a limited run, made with top-notch fabric etc. and so forth, the price tag isn't going to correlate with some floppy felt number you picked up at Urban. But! We have a 40 percent Noisey discount code—NOISEY40—which you can apply if you nab one before June 30. What price chic! To have a look at the online store click here.

Micheal Cummings from Skaters!

Adam's wife Yasmin who is also the film's producer!

Matt Hitt from Drowners!

Artist Ana Kras!

DJ Alix Brown!Marcel Castenmiller, professional eye candy (a.k.a. model)!

Actress Nicole LaLiberte who stars in the film and will also be in David Lynch's upcoming Twin Peaks reboot!

Har Mar Superstar!

Sienna Scarritt - actress / DJ / member of Johnny Ain't Bad!