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New music

Apropos Live: Fabian Mazur

Another banger of a mixtape from the Apropos Live crew.

Apropos Live is all about presenting Denmark's newest DJ talent in new and confusing places and then filming the whole affair on a big fuck-off Red camera. For instance, here's Fabian Mazur playing in a really creepy tunnel. It's highly likely that this tunnel has never had a trap DJ perform in it, in fact it's highly likely that it's never housed anything other chain smoking 12-year-olds that rob people for shits and giggles. Either way, it's pretty unique.

Fabian Mazur is bizarrely skilled, both as a producer and a DJ, for such a young guy - his remix of YG's "My Nigga" has more views than some countries have people. Keep an eye on him, he'll be big.