Noisey Presents: JUCE Live

JUCE are super fun and better than you at everything, so we're putting them on at Electrowerkz.

af Noisey Staff
24 oktober 2014, 11:27am

If you haven’t seen JUCE yet then what have you even being doing with your life? Not putting it to good use, that’s what. As well as constantly out-dressing, out-dancing and out-vibing every single person who attends any of their shows, the London-based trio comprised of Cherish, Georgia and Chalin (yes, they have better names than you too) are responsible for some of the most fun-filled performances this side of Fame. We like fun stuff, so we're putting JUCE on at Electrowerkz in Islington.

Technically a “girl band” but not in a traditional sense, JUCE look, sound and act like a project Prince might have put together if he hadn’t gone through that weird gospel phase in the 90s. Basically, they sound like a good night out, which is exactly how the trio met in the first place and precisely what they’ll give you in return. In their own words, "JUCE isn’t seeing a boy across a room that you really fancy and the feeling that you get when he looks at you and you look at him and it’s on. JUCE is going over there, talking to him, and sealing the deal."

If you also like fun, get involved through the Facebook event page and head down to Electrowerkz on October 28. The show costs five whole pounds and tickets are available here.