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The Latest Apropos Live Video Featuring Ary Rules

He will make you dance your face off.

It’s fair to say that at some point, many of us briefly entertain the idea of becoming a DJ. It’s an all-too familiar story: you spend a weekend losing your mind to some chainsmoking, leather-clad hottie spinning minimal techno in Berlin and all of a sudden, you’re all like “You know what? I CAN master Ableton. I will devote my life to dropping the beat. I’m going to be a DJ!” Unfortunately, most of us are shit poor at "doing stuff." Luckily, however, there are people out there who are real DJs—and actually put work into getting really fucking good at making people dance their faces off at the club.

One of those people is Ary. The Aarhus-based up and coming DJ is already making a name for himself: he’s the latest member of the Tuborg Apropos Live family – a group of Denmark's best DJs curated by DJ E.D.D.E.H. and filmed while delivering absolutely insane sets. He even won the Danish Deejay Battle in 2014. The stuff he plays is a combo of dubstep (miraculously, not the annoying kind) and Middle Eastern sounds that keep his set from swaying into generic I’m-drunk-at-the-club-for-the-first-time-in-my-life crowdpleasers. In this latest video from Apropos Live, Ary gives you one of those sets while he does his thing in the Copenhagen Skatepark. In short: this stuff will make you dance until your shoes melt.