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Collider's Debut Track "Bruno" is Sprawling, Shoegazey Anarchy

The Copenhagen-based band's debut is ambitiously chaotic—and it somehow works.

When we first saw Copenhagen-based quartet Collider live a few months ago, playing a set at

The Love Coffin

's EP release party, we thought two things to ourselves:

1) This is insanely chaotic and insanely awesome.

2) How the hell is this ever going to work on a record?!?

That combination of thoughts is due to the particular thing that makes Collider stand out from almost any other local band we've seen in a while. Collider's music is all over the place and tough to read or pinpoint references from—but live, it somehow makes sense thanks to an honesty to their energy that lends a precision to the chaos. We assumed that off stage, it would be considerably harder to communicate that honest energy and make something so sprawling sound cohesive. Luckily, their debut track, "Bruno", proves that we assumed wrong.

"Bruno" is expansive, alright, but it's also deliriously invigorating. It transitions from shoegaze to punkpop to rich, electronic freak-outs; the drums strike with depth and might, even as they whirlwind in and out of control; the vocals abruptly strike into your consciousness, only to float away almost angelically. The song keeps mutating itself into something crisp and arresting. Just when you think you can grasp it, it somersaults into a new layer again—making for a track that demands your attention much, much more than most new music you stumble upon.

The song is produced by Jens Aagaard, aka electronic artist The Dove is Dead, and was recorded in a tiny hut in Jutland. Oh, and along with the song, Collider also put out a super-duper-odd, more-than-a-little-net-arty websitewhere you can download Bruno for free. Doesn't really make sense—but that's what works for Collider, anyway.