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Natali Felicia's "Easy Ride" (KPO Remix) is Your Latest Guilty Pleasure Banger

The Swedish singer's new track is a shameless, rowdy dance anthem.

Sometimes, you gotta take it a little easy on yourself and just admit it: aggressive dance music can be very enjoyable. When you're out at a popular drinking establishment in your vicinity full of energetic youthful people, do you really want to be that loser dude cowering at the bar downing overly expensive cans of beer? No, you don't. A much better look is being that guy or girl putting the music taste you've assigned yourself on hold for a sec and actually enjoying the insane dance anthems blaring out of the speakers. You'll realize that a) it's actually a lot of fun to do that and b) not all of that music is that bad. As in, some of it is actually really great pop music. Enter Natali Felicia: the latest artist to make a song that fits into the danceable-and-rowdy-yet-actually-very-good category.

Natali's a pretty new face on the Swedish pop scene, but she's already making a name for herself in Stockholm. She's supported people like Son Lux and Paolo Nutini, done the modelling thing a bit and recently gained press from publications like The Line of Best Fit. The KPO Remix of her track, "Easy Ride", proves why she's on the way up. Simply put, "Easy Ride" is a full-on banger. Pumped up with EDM-fueled beats that somehow manage to avoid being annoying, some nice vocals floating on top and a bouncy groove, it's a track that makes you wanna go embarrass yourself on the dance floor somewhere. The video sums up that whole vibe, too: the whole thing focuses on Natali dancing wildly in alleys and clubs, and that's pretty much it. The result is infectious and hypnotizing, as is the song. So beware, people: "Easy Ride" and Natali Felicia will charm you, no matter who you are.