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Holy Shit

Whoa! Here's Rare Footage of Kendrick Lamar Performing Live with Prince

We all knew Prince and Kendrick were close, but we didn't know they'd jammed together in front of a live audience.

Since the icon that was Prince passed away in April, we've been inundated with clips from just about anything people can get their hands on and repost. But that doesn't mean there aren't still some priceless visual artifacts out there, lurking on the hard drives of some trusted Prince associate, destined to be uploaded and shared with the world to shed more light on his blinding genius.

We all knew Kendrick and Prince had their appreciative connections. The pair worked together on music which was never finished in time for To Pimp a Butterfly, and Kendrick admitted that untitled unmastered was inspired by his admiration for the Purple One. But very few people – apart from those who witnessed it on the night – knew the pair had jammed live together for a studio audience at Paisley Park, delivering an explosive improvised banger; Prince conducting the live band like a military operation and Kendrick shooting fire over the top.

Thanks to Paisley Park and Yahoo, you can now watch the performance online, via The Prince Museum's Facebook page. Feast on this one. And if you want more Prince, then we've published numerous pieces celebrating his legacy, like how he wrote about women in the most perfect way, how he influenced rap music, and how his creative revolution was a limitless phenomenon.