A Song About Misogyny That Sounds Super Sweet - Here's TEEN's "All About Us"

The quartet announce a new record—due in February—which tackles sexism and modern power play.

af Kim Taylor Bennett
17 november 2015, 8:15am

God bless a song that says something and thank you singer Teeny Lieberson for getting inscensed enough to pour her sharply honed words on top of a song that's both catchy and cinammon sweet. TEEN's new track "All About Us" is 60s girl group-tinged in its perky refrains, but the message is very modern:

"'All About Us'" is a song about the underplayed, quiet misogyny that women experience too often," explains Liberson. "The theme explores a situation that I have dealt with many times; if sexism is not in your face, and one isn't saying it outright, then it couldn't possibly be happening. If I then react, it is incredibly easy to be dismissed as a silly, overreactive women. The song evaluates this exact power play, and in turn makes fun of the perpetrator; because quite frankly, it's insane that still is happening in this day and age."

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Today TEEN announce a new LP, following 2014's The Way and Color. Apparently the band's forthcoming album, Love Yes, which was recorded in the stillness and seclusion of Nova Scotia, "explores the disharmony and empowerment that both sexuality and spirituality can create within the modern woman's psyche."

We're very down for that. Welcome back!

Love Yes is out on 02.19 via Carpark Records.

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