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Norwegian Black Metal Doc 'Blackhearts' Offers Patrons the Chance to Sell Their Souls to Satan

Help fund this globe-spanning black metal documentary by buying one-of-a-kind items from members of Mayhem, Darkthrone, Enslaved, and more.

Since 2011, Norwegian director Christian Falch has spent the majority of his waking hours absolutely consumed by black metal—liostening to it, studying it, and most arduously, filimg its impact on a variety of diverse cultures around the world. The fruit of his labors, Blackhearts, is nearing completion, and as has become tradition, he's now asking the public for a little financial help in polishing off those finishing touches. He's just launched a crowdfunding campaign to conver the remaining costs, and is offering some pretty sick perks donated by members of Mayhem, Darkthrone, Enslaved, Thorns, Satyricon, Emperor, Keep of Kalessin and more to those who choose to get involved.


The film itself is an impressive undertaking, spanning three countries and two continents. As Falch explains, the film "takes its audience deep into the minds, hearts and private lives of Sina from Iran, Hector from Colombia, and Kaiadas from Greece. It explores how a music scene develops across religious, cultural and political lines, and provides comic relief on the things humans say, think and do when hijacked by passion."

It's important to note that one of the band members profiled, Kaiadas, is a member of Greece's fascist Golden Dawn political party, which is a bit ironic given black metal's traditional focus on freedom.

Here are a few of the most intriguing perks on offer, ranging from the practical (a microphone) to the, er, ephemeral (Satanic prayers, anyone?). There's even an option to buy a piece of Falch's soul—or dedicate your own to the Dark Lord via a Colombian Satanist ritual.

For the deabilocally-inclined, the first couple rewards here seem pretty hard to resist (and surprisingly affordable, givne that we're dealing with an actual human's immortal essence). The thought of a bunch of Satanic Colombian metalheads saying prayers to Satan in my name is pretty tempting, but imagine owning a piece of someone's actualo soul? That's some straight Faustian shit.

Now we're cooking with fire. Whether it's a piece of avantgarde black metal histopry or a fireside chat with ol' Ted himself, you've got some seriously quality options here. Christmas is coming up, after all! But wait—it gets better…

That wristband looks pretty dope, but the $500 prize is out of this world. A microphone from the beyond-legendary concert hall (and occasional black metal studio) Grieghallen is the ultimate accessory for your vanity project, your dead-serious concept record, or whatever other demonic ends you cna dream up—and at five hundred bones, it's kind of a steal.

Check out the rest of options and support the film (if you dare) at this location. Happy culting!