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King Krule Has Created an Instagram Account and Announced a New Project Called "ANP2D"

Listen to a new song, too.

af Noisey Staff
25 november 2015, 8:08am

It's been a minute since we heard from King Krule. Sure, the South London artist only released his debut album 6 Feet Under The Moon two years ago. But in a high-speed age where we can barely wait three minutes for a Whatsapp message before getting angsty and making a passive-agressive Tumblr about it, and without a word from King Krule, two years is a hell of a long time. He played some new songs at a secret headline show in London a month or so ago, but outside of the hundred or so people in the room, no one really knew about it.

Maybe you're still discovering songs like "Little Wild", taken from the Japanese version of his debut album, or a track from one of his other monikers, like DJ JD Sports. Whatever it is, it's been a long time since King Krule has said anything about official new music. Today though he created an Instagram account (his first foray into social media beyond a Facebook page) and announced a new project called ANP2D coming soon. According to a comment left on the official King Krule Facebook page it's not a new album, but a project of "music and visuals." See the Instagram post below and watch a new song performed live after the jump.

ANP2D coming soon ...

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