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Holy Shit

The Skrillex Cartoon You've Been Dreaming of Is Finally Here with "Squad Out!"

Fatman Scoop, Juaz, and Skrillex get animated thanks to Adam Fuchs and Adult Swim.

Skrillex is a pretty visually perfect person to put into any kind of animation. We figured that out in 2012's Wreck it Ralph, and it's still apparent in his new video with Juaz and Fatman Scoop, "Squad Out!" The video was directed by Adam Fuchs, who has previously directed videos for the likes of Flying Lotus and Neon Indian. The video features an animated Skrillex and Juaz losing their minds to a mad, elephant-like version of Fatman Scoop who tortures them with a ton of sound and strange scenarios. It's a wild, visually stimulating must-see video that you can watch below via Red Bull.