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Everyone's Invited to FaceTime with A$AP Ferg in His "Dope Walk" Video

You're probably wishing you were in his contact list, but at least you can live vicariously through Cara Delevingne.

Usually when your friends FaceTime you shit they're doing, it's really fucking annoying. Maybe they're cackling about being at some shitty EDM show, or they're showing off the really sick vape tricks they've been practicing for the past week. You know: really lame shit. But once in a while, you might get to see something cool—or at least not want to cut that person out of your life forever.

If you were homies with A$AP Ferg, that once in a while would probably be every day. Ferg's back with a new video for "Dope Walk," off of his upcoming album Ferg Forever, in which he FaceTimes with model Cara Delevingne and shows off his awesome (dope?) life. If you look closely you can see everyone from Big Sean and Kanye to Haim and Rihanna. Ferg has way more connects than you can ever dream of; he's every cool dude's best friend. Thank God we can all live vicariously through Cara Delevingne.

Check out the video below, and practice doing the dope walk in front of your mirror like you used to do for the Soulja Boy dance:

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