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Kanye and Will Smith Are In The Studio Together!

Yeezy ditched the Grammys to play samba music with the Fresh Prince.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

The Grammys took place last night (Frank Ocean was robbed!) and as promised, Kanye boyed the ceremony. However, instead of sitting around at home, rubbing foot scrub in between Kim’s toes and marveling over the esoteric resonance of 808s and Heartbreak, Kanye headed out to Brazil.

Oh. He also went into a studio with Will Smith.

Brazilian newspaper QUEM reports that the two were given a studio to meet with carioca funk and rap producer, DJ Batutinha, for a future project. The whole page is in Portugese but I put it into Google translate and it roughly came out as follows:


“They wanted to hear some things and then came to know my work. They also take some songs for them. Maybe they use elements of funk in their next jobs.” said the producer of Holy Water.

Kim Kardashian was also in the studio and enjoyed the funk. The producer said she “stood by Kanye all the time and was very friendly.”

Cute. She stood by Kanye all the time! Anyway, the report seems to suggest that the two weren’t there officially to make new music together but I’m putting money down on something happening down the line.

Wasn’t Will rumoured to be making a comeback? Maybe Kanye is going to produce it. It’s been forever since "Switch" came out and I’m dying to hear some clean cut good mannered hip-hop that’s acceptable to play in the car with my mum. Will he do for Will Smith what Quentin Tarantino did for John Travolta? Alternatively, maybe Kanye is prepping his sixth studio album. He’s already had both Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock in the studio and Will would make a great skit. I’d take one of his verses over 2Chainz any day.

Either way, Kanye had a go at creating some samba music.

Samba > All Illuminati Everything

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