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Cadenza’s "Electric Blocks" is the Bassiest Breakthrough of 2015

The up and coming West London producer has dropped a seriously impressive new track with Fem Fel

West London based producer Cadenza had a pretty good 2014, releasing the hugely well recieved "How Many Times" featuring Kiko Bun, as well as becoming a touring member of Diplo's Major Lazer. Now, Noisey is pleased to give you an exclusive listen to his latest cut "Electric Blocks". The track is a moody but driven affair, blending elements of grime and dancehall, as well as some subnormal effects you likely won't have heard anywhere else. Over the confident beat, rapper/spoken-wordsmith Fem Fel has leant his delivery, pairing some controlled but intense verses perfectly with Cadenza's shattering beat.

We caught up with Cadenza to ask him a few questions about the track and what else we can expect.


NOISEY: Electric Blocks is a really great track - whats the story behind it?
Cadenza: Electric Blocks is a hybrid of two different tracks really. I had one idea which started with those harsh industrial noises that the track opens with, but the sketch was just sitting on my computer. When Fem came to my studio he kept saying that he only wanted my weirdest beats so I started drawing from all these quirky loops I had started. He really vibed with the sounds in that particular loop and then it all just started to fall into place.

How did the collaboration with Fem come about? Did you two already know each other?
I met Fem very briefly at a studio but then I went and checked him out and came across tracks like Massive and I was really taken by how he was trying to push things a little differently, even though he was so associated with grime and whole SN1 camp. He seemed to have stepped outside that and created his own lane.

Is Electric Blocks a similar vibe to the other stuff you are working on at the moment? It’s quite different to “How Many Times” which you released last year.
It's a good example of the ideas that I come up with when I’m just creating little sketches and loops. I'm all over the place really, I’m working on Kiko’s record right now and that's definitely a more roots rocksteady sound but then when I’m not doing that I'll spend my time geeing out trying to make some twisted loops and then find a way to use them in a track.


So last year you toured with Major Lazer - how was that?

It all happened out of nowhere really. I think I got asked on a Monday and I was in Las Vegas by Friday trying to hold it down. Touring with those guys taught me what it is to really create a live show that keeps people engaged. It's non-stop energy.

You have support from loads of people who are really behind what you are doing (Diplo, Zane Lowe for example) - does that just feel good, or do you feel pressure around that at all?
No it feels good for sure now. I always believe that nothing will happen before it's time and everything feels right at the moment. I'm putting out music that I really like and it has my own stamp on it. Having support from those guys just reinforces that I'm moving in the right direction.

So just the one track so far - what else can we expect in 2015?
I have a few things I wanna get out there in the next couple of months but I'm really excited about a record I just finished with Stylo G and Busy Signal.

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