Rebstar Thinks We Could Be Having a "Good Time" and He's Right

Swedish hip hop's current golden boy just dropped his new track, and it's pure candy for your ears.

​All photos provided by the artist

27-year-old rapper Rebstar, born Rebin Shah, is arguably Sweden’s leading hip hop export right now, soaking up well-deserved international spotlight through his collaborations with Trey Songz, Drake and The Weeknd. Now he’s dropping this brand new song “Good Time” on his own label Today is Vintage (which you’ll know if you’ve ever gotten funky to Swedish-based Gambian rapper Saint) and it's a fucking treat.


The first lick of piano instantly sends you back to a more real, truer, sepia-toned time. A good time. The dope-flowing Swede kicks off with a glitch in the bass, as if to subtly remind us that something is not completely right in the world. But the old school 90's concrete schoolyard beat is soothing and sharp. Paired with punchy piano and melancholic strings, it somehow leaves you with a mellow feeling of satisfaction - sort of like when it starts raining while you’re inside and you know other people are out there getting drenched.

This next chapter in a strong, Swedish tradition for soulful hip hop (remember how great LoopTroop was??) is driven by a nostalgic longing for something - or rather someone. The production is crisp and balanced, and it's pure candy for your ears. If you zone out and don't pay attention to the lyrics, your head will be left buzzing with the repeated phrase ”good time”, which, unsurprisingly, actually makes you feel pretty damn good.

But don't ignore the lyrics. Rebstar has a story to tell. He’s reaching out to a girl who's fucked him over, pleading ”I've given everything I've got // It ain’t enough.” The whole song is a promise of what could be, if only she would believe in him, believe in them. ”We could be having a good time” and you can't help but think, yes, we could and should be having a good time. All of us.

Also, obviously get this track on your playlist lickety-split.