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Take a Sip of That Psychedelic Medicine With Hashish's New Track, "Fly Away"

Planning a lil' trip on LSD anytime soon? Yeah, you'll want to listen to this track from the Swedish prog super-project.

Not gonna lie: they must be adding something to the water in Scandinavian countries these days—because there's a silly amount of spacey, retro psychedelic stuff coming out of them. In Norway, bands like Electric Eye are always embarking on endless, 12-20 minute epic sound journeys. In Denmark, you've got dudes like The Wands going shroom hunting with us and singing about things being full of colours and girls being electric. Now, it's Sweden's turn with Hashish—probably the grooviest and, well, most hash-appropriate act of them all. At least that's the impression we get from their latest track, "Fly Away".

Hashish is a bit of a superproject by Sweden's psych/prog legend Stefan Kéry. By superproject, we mean he's pretty ambitious here: he's mixing influences from kraut, lounge, acid, funk and jazz—which makes Hashish sound like the lovechild between a 70s soft porn soundtrack composer and a wide-eyed teen experiencing hallucinogens for the first time. "Fly Away" is a very appropriate representation of that: with the spacious sounds of a synth zooming in the background and a soulful female voice cooing about flying away and being free, it feels like Hashish is convincing you to escape into the ultimate tropical island of your dreams—complete with kahunas, swingers and beach boys sacrificing potent rum cocktails to the ever-thirsty Tiki gods.

That's not all, too: Hashish are about to release their first album, A Product of Hashish, through Woah Dad!—the Gothenburg-based label bringing us such goodies as Dolores Haze. If you're wondering what to expect from it, look no further than this album trailer—and get ready to feel like dropping some acid and going bowling is a very good idea.