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Watch The Distillation of The Virtual Life We All Live in Rytmeklubben's Video for "Girlfriend"

iMessages! Fish-tank Photobooth videos! Tweets! Emojis! Email! Every component of life 2.0 can be found in here.

When ancient folk (people born in the 1980s) would talk about the future, they imagined the year 2015 to be akin to a scene from the Fifth Element. The world would be full of hoverboards, tower blocks would rise into the clouds, and we would commute on a super highway, populated with airborne taxis and robotic pirates. Now we're here, in the future, things couldn't be more different. Local transit systems still smell and suck ass. No one has invented a teleporter. There is still no cure for baldness. What we do have though is a butt-tonne of emojis and a gluttony of global communication systems. Suck on that, postmen.

Rytmeklubben - who are from Norway, which is why they have a name no one in our office can pronounce - recognise the thrill of the modern age; life 2.0; an era where it's possible to snapchat your BNO and forward it to your crush in a second. So for that reason, their latest video is essentially a distillation of all the things that make living in the new-communicaton-age great. The track is called "Girlfriend" and in the video the band visualise what (more than likely) happens each time they record a song. Along the way they somehow end up receiving a FaceTime call from Kanye West too. That guy gets everywhere.

Hit up Rytmeklubben on Twitter: @rytmeklubben. The Girlfriend EP is out today on Raw Juice.