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the best thing i heard this week

The Best Thing I Heard This Week: Sleeping Bag's 'Women Of Your Life' LP

Since I'm a music editor guy I have to listen to music every single second of every single day.

Here's a new column I just made up. It's called "The Best Thing I Heard This Week." Guess what it's about?

Since I'm a music editor guy I have to listen to music every single second of every single day. I get a bajillion records shipped to the VICE offices, and I listen to every single one that I don't throw away before opening. Every day I hear a lot of dog-vom garbage-town pap that should be immediately destroyed. But I also hear really amazing music on an almost daily basis, and I keep weirdly asbergery records of everything good I hear. So I decided to start this column so I could share all the good stuff with you guys. If you want the bad stuff, I've curated a section of the dumpster out back you can sort through.


So what's good this week? Like, what's… really good?

This week I heard the new LP from Bloomington, Indiana slacker pop trio Sleeping Bag. Last year I got one of their songs stuck in my head for a few weeks, this track called "Slime," but the new record is on a different level. Verbicide described their vibe as "Pavement on xanax," which nails the fuck-off dude 'tude of the record so perfectly I barely want to try and write about it.

I think there's a bit of Ramones-esque power pop floating somewhere in the weed haze, which is partially due to singing drummer Dave Segedy's unbelievably-over-it drone. The more I listened though, I started to hear hints of something a little bleaker on here. "Soccer Ball" has a bit of a (gasp) Pedro The Lion feel. I spent a little time in Bloomington, and this record pretty much exactly sums up what it was like when I was there: A bunch of stoned lazy kids trying to avoid the throngs of jocks at IU Bloomington on their way to Taco Bell.

The record just came out through Joyful Noise, and you can pick up the vinyl right here for a measly $14. I'm about to do it, and so should you. If you're a cheapskate, the whole thing is streaming on their Bandcamp.

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