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Wait, Does Pitbull Have the Biggest D in Pop Music? (NSFW, Probably)

I slowed down the video for "Fun" and if Miami is bringing the heat, then Pitbull brings the big ol' flamethrower.

Look at that monster.

Tucked away in an attic space of the VICE offices, we Web Dev-ers aren't always exposed to the sexy ongoings of the downstairs editorial world.

But after watching Pitbull's latest ode to crime dramas masquerading as a video on Noisey, I had to ask 'em to turn the air up a bit in here. It wasn't the butts or boobs that was getting me a little hot under the collar. Oh no. It was something swaying in some soft pink pants. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Nothing like pausing meeting prep to screenshot a bald and beautiful rapper's ugly bits in front of your whole team. No shame in my game. And no shame in how low that thing, I'm thinking, swings.


I thought it was important to point out that that's a huge banana in Pitbull's pants, and it seems pretty happy to see me!

Continued below.

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