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Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Taylor Swift Gets Interviewed by Ryan Adams and the Singularity Is Complete

Let's "break the internet."

Today in things that might "break the internet" as the kids say, here's a video of kind of famous musician Ryan Adams interviewing super fucking famous musician Taylor Swift in conjuction with the latter's recent GQ cover story. I'd make fun of this video if it didn't seem so genuine? Like, a sunglassed-Ryan Adams is actually wearing a Canadian tuxedo with band patches all over his jean jacket. He also says that listening to The Smiths is like recharging his iPhone battery, except for songwriting. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift responds to his questions similar to the way she acted in the videos at her 1989 tour—the ones in which her friends talk to Taylor Swift about how fun it is to be friends with Taylor Swift. In other words, both of these musicians have been such cliches of themselves it's kind of endearing.