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Everybody Loves The Weeknd Including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The 'House of Balloons' finally meets the House of Commons.

This article originally appeared on Noisey Canada.

Remember when it was just you and your friends who knew who The Weeknd was? In fact, you didnt just know who he was, you corrected people who thought he was more than one person and memorized all the lyrics to "What You Need." Well, that was five years ago and in 2016, Mr Abel is beloved by your parents and now Canadian Prime Minister / national sex icon, Justin Trudeau.


In honor of his first state visit to the United States, Trudeau along with his wife and "friend" Weeknd attended a dinner in Washington, DC. And we can imagine it wasnt long before fellow Canadian delegators and Obama administration officials broke out into song and dance as the popular singer serenaded them with sweet words about being a horrible lover before smugly singing about "white lines" near the White House. We even bet Trudeau chided Abel about how hurt he was that Drake dropped "Hotline Bling" the same night he won the election. But more importantly the night also signalled the beginning of power couple the world, probably just Canada, has never seen. Don't believe us? Just look at these beautiful photos below.

thank you for inviting me to this historical evening. honor to witness this moment my friend and PM @JustinTrudeau

— The Weeknd (@theweeknd) March 10, 2016

Look how picturesque this moment is. This when the House of Balloons finally collided with the House of Commons. The Weeknd is in rare happy form. Trudeau is in usual sexy form. Canada needed this.

Prepare thyself.

There will be a photo of The Weeknd with Trudeau in your Facebook for the next week.

— Justin Ling (@Justin_Ling) March 10, 2016

Overheard from a distance, Trudeau: "Hey, I'm really not too familiar with your music but my wife loves it. What's a good song from your discography to jump into?" Abel: "I think 'Initiation' is a safe bet." Trudeau: "Great."

Watching @JustinTrudeau at @Canada2020 now: @theweeknd and Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau. #pmdc

— Canada 2020 (@Canada2020) March 10, 2016

We count two women (see far left in the glasses and the blonde, far right) who just can't help themselves over the sexual "satin panther" that is the scent of Abel's hair. Shortly after, we imagine he took them up to his room where the city never sunny. And you already know what that means… CLICK HERE

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