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Holy Shit

Watch Iggy Azalea Kinda Try to Go At Nicki Minaj on TV a Little

The Australian MC responded to Nicki Minaj's 2014 BET Awards shade on 'Watch What Happens Live.'

Rapper Iggy Azalea was the special guest on Bravo network star Andy Cohen's weeknight variety show Watch What Happens Live, and as Cohen loves to, he goaded her into talking about some issues she might not have planned to. In a segment called "Plead the Fifth," he asked her first about which of her rap enemies she'd want to collaborate with in a pinch. (She chose Snoop Dogg, who got into an ugly Instagram war with the Australian rapper but has since apologized.) Asked about Nicki Minaj, who once snapped back at years of trash talk from Iggy with a delightfully shade-filled 2014 BET Awards acceptance speech, Iggy had this to say:


“I have just as many people on my writing credits as she has on hers so… I know I write mine, and if she writes hers, I believe her too. But you can’t look at the credits and be like, ‘Oh look at this massive difference!’ It’s the same number of people on both, so.”

Asked to clarify whether or not she felt like Nicki's BET Awards dig about writing her own lyrics was about her specifically, Azalea said, "Let me know when someone says my name." God knows we can't wait to see how and where Nicki repsonds. Watch Iggy try it on Watch What Happens Live below.