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Heroic Radio DJ Plays WHAM!'s "Last Christmas" 24 Times in a Row

He updated his Facebook status afterwards to say he was "proud."

Apparently, over in Austra, one of the leaders in the fight against the War On Christmas is a Radio DJ named Joe Kohlhofer. The hero decided he'd play WHAM!'s "Last Christmas"—the catchy, legendary 1984 hit about being in love around the holidays—on repeat until somebody either killed him or fired him. He lasted for two hours and played the song, which is sung by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, 24 times in a row. According to the Metro in the UK, he turned off the song only when his four-year-old daughter called in to say she didn't like it.


Apparently, also according to NewsTalk, deputy director of the station (and apparent Scrooge) Tommy Schmid said he'd be facing "consequences." Bah, humbug.

Here's a video posted to the radio station's YouTube station explaining what happened:

Man, look at how happy this fucking guy is:

Afterwards, good ol' Joe took to Facebook to tell the world that he was feeling "proud."

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"Radiomoderator nervte mit Last Christmas" schreibt der "Kurier" in der heutigen Ausgabe

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Joe Kohlhofer


Saturday, December 19, 2015