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Holy Shit

MIA Returns with a New "AudioVisual Project" a.k.a. a Really Good Music Video

Watch it now on Apple Music.

I really love Apple Music in the sense that it's making me listening to loads more albums than I used to and Beats 1 is great but fuck me sometimes it's a bit confusing. What I think just happened is that MIA "premiered" a new song on Zane's show but actually that song came out a few days ago. She was really there to premiere her new video which you can also only see on Apple Music, but only by switching Beats 1 off and going to her "Connect" page. To make things more complicated, the video (which she is calling an "audiovisual project" because she is MIA and that is her wont) seems ton encompass two songs, the new track called “Swords,” and the Matangi track “Warriors” from 2013. But the video itself is called "“Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than a Border".


Anyway none of that is super important because what counts is that the "Swords" part of it is really great, it seems like a real amalgamation of MIA's very disparate sounds over the years, as if she's found a way to make all those global glitches start to tessellate. The video is exactly what you'd expect from one of the most visual musicians of the 21st century.

Watch it now on Apple Music or, you know, wait till some dickhead rips it and sticks it on Daily Motion.