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Watch King Krule and His Brother's Collaborative Short Film

The four minute film is an accompaniment to the record he released today, A New Place 2 Drown.

Today King Krule releases a new project, under his real name Archy Marshall, called A New Place 2 Drown. The 12 track album, which is completely seperate to his work with King Krule, is a collaboration with Archy's brother Jack, who illustrated the artwork for the debut King Krule album. As we reported last week, it's not just music either. A New Place 2 Drown comes packaged with a book of poetry and art and a short film, directed by Will Robson-Scott.


We haven't got our hands on the book yet, but the four minute film (which can be viewed below) is an insight into the South London environment that birthed Archy Marshall's music. "I was raised in the dirt, so I couldn’t see where I was on earth, now it’s more than what I’m worth," Archy says, reciting some poetry, as we're introduced to scenes of Peckham high street, his brother, and the drawings and paintings that cover the walls of their art studio.

We won't spoil the rest of the film for you, but we will say that it invokes a strong-sense of the creative upbringing, the duo's relationship, and the South of the river roots that fostered the Marshall brothers work. We see their Mother cutting Archy's hair and we head to Nunhead Resevoir, the Hollywood Hills of Peckham. It's an interesting portrait in the face of gentrification. Watch below:

The book is now available to buy here and features unseen artwork, photography and poetry from the brothers.