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Wanna Feel Old? This Political Pundit Used to Be in Nirvana

Krist Novoselic stopped by former MTV VJ Kennedy's Fox Business show to talk about changing the US electoral system.

In the event you are an old, you might remember the guests of this week's Fox Business show Kennedy from their former lives, where host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery was something called a VJ—they used to stream all the music videos on television, where other people picked what you watched all day (weird, right!?)—and her guest Krist Novoselic played in Nirvana. You may have heard of them. They were a rock band. Rock bands were like DJs, but instead of pressing buttons on a laptop, they banged on guitars and drums. I know. Stressful.


Kennedy and Novoselic had a great talk: He's been interested in politics since voting for Walter Mondale in the 1984 presidential election and actually ran for public office himself once, deciding instead to focus on cleaning up voting legislation around the country because boy, is it messy. He's iffy about the cool musician presidential candidate du jour Bernie Sanders. He thinks the electoral system is long overdue for a retuning. If you make it all the way through he talks about haunted house host Kurt Cobain for nine seconds.

Remember kids, everything you find edgy and cool will live on to become mannered, mature, and normal. Enjoy it while it lasts. Stream Kennedy's Novoselic interview below. Happy Saturday!