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Watch Stephen Colbert Explain Why We Should Help Kanye West

Finally, someone supports Kanye's ideas.

From pleading with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to give him one billion dollars to being shaded by Taylor Swift during her Grammy win, it's been a rough couple of days for Kanye West. However, Ye seems to have won himself a supporter in Stephen Colbert on the Late Show. OK, so maybe not.

Instead, Colbert drops harsh lines like: “I bet the odds of you having sex with Taylor is about the same as your chances of winning a Grammy you weren't nominated for” in response to Ye’s controversial “Famous” lyric about Ms. Swift, as well as mentioning his questionable tweet about giving preference to his ideas over schools in Africa. But still Colbert's jokes appear to be in good fun. Now that’s over, let’s all follow Ye’s lead and focus on figuring out why textbooks are so expensive.