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Martin Skhreli Continues Transformation into Comic Book Villain, Says He'll Slap Ghostface

Shkreli appeared on the Breakfast Club on Power 105 and, well, here we are.

Another day, another video of our pal Martin Shkreli. After releasing a diss video for Ghostface Killah last week – in which he stood, while holding a nice glass of red wine, alongside three masked "goons" and told Ghost "don't ever fucking my name again" – he appeared on Power 105's Breakfast Club to talk about everything Martin Shkreli. It's a pretty great interview, because, as we expect, Charlamagne Tha God grills the shit out of him: questioning his decision-making, his "satire," his reputation, and more.


"If you love hip-hop you should have never disrespected Ghostface Killah. I understand you think he came at you," Charlamagne says. Martin responds: "If he were here right now, I'd smack him right in the face."

Watch it below, and read VICE's extensive profile on Martin Shkreli. And then read our fan fiction.