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PREMIERE: Dante Carfagna Goes Instrumental for "Spirit Darts" as Express Rising

Dante Carfagna expands long-time electronic project Express Rising into a three-piece band.

The Chicago label Numero Group is distributing a new self-released album from Express Rising, the long-running instrumental project of Dante Carfagna. With the addition of Kevin Blagg and William Suran, Express Rising has gone from a solo endeavor to a three-piece band. Carfagna (better known to some as "The Funk Archivist" and a longtime DJ Shadow cohort) recorded the LP Fixed Rope in the Arkansas countryside with banjos and sub-woofers. That said, this glazey single titled "Spirit Darts" manages to feel both rural and laminate, like the sun rising in saran-wrap. Ambient music like this has a distinct way of repackaging spacious landscapes into an equally expansive sound. Listen to the single below and pre-order the LP Fixed Rope here from Numero Group. Otherwise, its official release date is scheduled for October 2nd.