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Watch Ice-T and Body Count Give Suicidal Tendencies' "Institutionalized" a Modern Reboot

"I just wanted to sit back in my big chair and play a little Xbox!"

It’s hard to top “Talk Shit, Get Shot.” It was the first single and video released from Manslaughter, last year’s long-awaited album from Body Count, the hardcore metal project fronted by known badass Ice-T. The video was the ultimate vengeance against trolls and online shit-talkers. It also opened with a skit by a guy who, in all honesty, should be the next Dave Chappelle. It was our number five song of 2014. But buried in the song’s large shadow on Manslaughter were some other hidden gems, like Ice’s unintentional feminist anthem “Bitch in the Pit” and of course, his updated version of Suicidal Tendencies’ punk classic “Institutionalized.”


Back in the 80s, “Institutionalized” was the anthem for bored, confused suburban kids living in their parents' houses who just wanted a Pepsi. But time changes our priorities and on Body Count’s revamped cover, Ice has a new list of gripes. Like email passwords and Xbox and vegans.

Trying to relax in 1983.

Trying to relax in 2015.

Listening to Ice rant on about all of these things, you could all but picture him, coming home from a long day of Law & Order filming, sitting in his relaxin’ chair (which is probably made from some baller leather that none of us can afford), and just wanting to kick back and play Xbox. Or sitting down to do some work in his office (which probably has some dope skulls and shit hanging on the walls) and getting locked out of his email account.

Institutionalized, 2015.

Well now, thanks to the new video for the song, you have to imagine it no longer. Watch as Ice deals with the hassles of modern adulthood as only he can. Oh and there’s a sweet cameo by his wife/world’s greatest Instagrammer, Coco.

So grab a Pepsi or a Kool-Aid and watch the video below…

Body Count has a few European dates planned this year: June 10: Melkweg The Max, Amsterdam, Netherlands June 11: De Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands June 16: Park Sowinskiego, Warsaw, Poland June 19: Hellfest 2015, Clisson, France