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Watch iLoveMakonnen Debut a Heartbreaking New Song on the Piano in Our Office Lobby

It's called "It Ain't Easy Being the Man."

In case you missed it, tonight on VICELAND we aired a live segment during which… um, we're not quite sure what happened. Even though today's Governors Ball was canceled and nobody got to see Kanye West, we still decided to jump on live television and run around our office lobby in the name of Great TV. A bunch of our pals came through to jump on camera—including Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig, Despot, iLoveMakonnen, Desus, and THE KID MERO—and we made one heck of an hour of TV, or something.


After the broadcast, Makonnen sat down at the white piano in our lobby and started playing a new song called "It Ain't Easy Being the Man." It's a quiet, reflective ballad that will break the shit out of your heart. VICELAND host Taji shot the video, and you should follow him on Instagram. Taji really loves Makonnen. He wants you to know that.

Watch iLoveMakonnen's "It Ain't Easy Being the Man" below.