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Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Some Fucking Genius Has Recreated Adele's "Hello" Using Hundreds Of Movie Clips

There's something weirdly powerful about seeing Johnny Depp as Hunter S Thompson, bellowing "Can you hear me?" over her solemn chords.

There comes a time every week, when you just want to pat the internet on its head, rub its belly, give it a biscuit and say "GREAT JOB BUDDY!" Because the internet is basically our dog isn't it? Man's best friend. It was dogs, but now it's the internet. Dogs don't deliver our shopping, they don't broadcast entire seasons of Bojack Horseman, and they certainly don't provide a means for us to read the racist outpourings of our old school friends. Dogs are shit really aren't they? How did they ever get man's best friend status? Scum.


Anyway, the good little internet is having one of its finer moments this week, spurting out this piece of magic via the YouTube account of one particularly creative and bored dutch person called Matthijs Vlot. You see, Mr Vlot here, has taken Adele's "Hello" and made it infinitely more enjoyable and emotional by re-creating it with hundreds of clips from the most incredible movies you can think of. Wayne's World, The Truman Show, Charlie's Angels, The Prestige, The Island, Anchorman, The Matrix, The Beach, Batman & Robin, Star Wars. You know, all the greats. Hell, even Big Bird wanders in. Mr Vlot didn't make it look all Adele sepia though. I did that for the purpose of the lead image, just to draw you in.

Anyway, there's something weirdly powerful about seeing Johnny Depp as Hunter S Thompson, saying "Can you hear me?" over Adele's solemn chords. Watch it below and weep for the days when you had time to consume multiple bags of Cool Doritos and watch all six Star Wars in a row at your student halls.