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Check Out Barnett + Coloccia's Shapeshifting and Abstract New Video for "Rose Eye"

The track is from the new LP 'Weld,' out now on Blackest Ever Black. And it's dark and abstract as hell, just like the song.

Videos should be an extension of the song, whether that is a woman trying to retain her throne and looking like a 15 year old girl or a look into the lives of tough Los Angeles kids smoking weed and amateur wrestling. And sometimes, like in the case of “Rose Eye,” the video can be nothing in particular at all, just a series of shifting shapes and blurred visions in the dark, adding to the peculiar and haunting ambience of a track.

Barnett + Coloccia are Alex Barnett and Faith Coloccia, and the pair have teamed for their latest LP Weld, out now on Blackest Ever Black. The video for “Rose Eye” and the stream of “Dreamsnake” are both culled from the said LP, available now for purchase. Recorded live, the duo toil in dark ambient, noise, and techno on the release, using processed vocals, field recordings and tape manipulation to great affect. Check out the video above and a stream of another track below.