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Watch Kanye Croon a New Freestyle Over "Runaway" and Let It Lift You to Heaven

He also performed several songs from 'TLOP' and had some kind words for Wiz Khalifa.

af Kyle Kramer
11 april 2016, 2:31pm

Photo via vinaguerrero on Instagram

Kanye West has dominated music news in 2016, finding ways to be divisive with pretty much everything he does, including the release of his new album. Plenty of people love it. Some people—who, in my estimation, are wrong—don't like it. No one had seen it performed live until this past weekend, when Kanye played at Paradise International Music Festival in Manila on Saturday. There, in addition to performing several of the tracks from The Life of Pablo and his Drake collaboration "Pop Style" for the first time (watch those below), he delivered a trademark Kanye sung freestyle for those who may not like him.

"If I gotta be like what everybody else be like, then I don't want to be liked," he sings, over the piano chords of "Runaway," before taking it into a detour fitting of his album's gospel tones: "being liked is nothing when you could be loved / God is love," he croons, lifting the audience up to heaven. "If you love someone tonight, hold on, hold on real tight," he adds, floating on the wings of angels.

He also has some kind words for longtime rival Wiz Khalifa, who performed before him at the festival: "I want y'all to put your hands together for Wiz. Thank him for a beautiful show." He closes out by finishing up the chorus to "Runaway."

This is Kanye, soaring on positive vibes, and there's no way to be mad about anything. Watch the freestyle and the other highlights from the show below:

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