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New music

Here, Have a Free Sampha Mixtape

A big sexy megamix of the South London singer's finest lullabies.

Never ones to turn down a freebie from The Last Skeptik, here he's turned his bromance for the lullabies of Sampha into a big sexy megamix. Light up that sandalwood candle, put on the only clean slanket you have left and get comfortable, solo lovers.


The Last Skeptik - "Waffle"

SBTRKT - "Look At Stars (MachineDrum Remix)Chairlift - Sidewalk Safari (Sampha Remix)"

SBTRKT - "Never Never" feat. Sampha


Jessie Ware and Sampha - "Valentine"

Sampha - "Beneath The Tree"

Drake - "The Motion" feat. Sampha

Sampha - "Without"

Sampha - "Rainstars"

Lil Silva - "On Your Own" feat. Sampha

SBTRKT - "Hold On" feat. Sampha

Sampha - "Evening Glow"

Sampha - "Indecision"

Sampha - "Indecision" (The Last Skeptik Remix)

Sampha - "Break Off"

SBTRKT - "Living Like I Do" feat. Sampha

Sampha and Koreless - "Let It Go"

Sampha - "Can't Get Close"

Sampha - "Hesitant Oath"

Sampha - "Demons"

Sampha - "Too Much"

Drake - "Too Much" feat. Sampha

H.A.S - "Wonderland" feat. Sampha

Jessie Ware - "What You Won't Do For Love"