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Drizzy Got White Girl Drunk This Weekend

But, he also put out some amazing new songs, so, you know.

Look, we’ve all been turned away from somewhere. I once wore Crocs to a club, it happens. Though when I got refused from Wimbledon Poo Na Na, ESPN probably weren't filming, while shouting abuse at me.

That's what happened on the weekend when Drake got refused entry to the Miami Heat dressing room after they won the 2013 NBA final. Drizzy went to visit his BFF Kobe Bryant after the game, got turned away, so all the newscasters started heckling him. Drizzy, I totally understand, you’re a millionaire and a talented rapper and you just want people to like you. People like Rosie O’Donnell (for reasons known only to yourself), but time and time again they just can’t respect that you’re a sensitive guy who can only take so much.


My favourite bit in the video is when Drizzy’s security guy tells him, "this is media, pure media". Drake replies, "I am media." I mean that’s pretty zen, maybe we are all media in this post-web-2.0 colonised world, striving to create our own sense of identity. Or maybe Drake is just being a middle-of-the-road narcissist.

Being tough on the outside, Drake recovered by doing what he does best, awkwardly staged displays of wildin' out. When he received his 2012 Grammy in a package (seriously Fedex WTF? Was this just lurking about in lost property?) he decided to go where no one has ever gone before and do shots from the bell of his award, in a way that’s less party shots and more crazy sips. Afterwards, Drake’s friend comes over and does an actual shot in front of Drake in half the time (watch out lackey, we all know what happened to Fonzworth Bentley). Drake then takes a tour around his house where we find a lot of single men in their own rooms who kinda ruin the whole party vibe by being half asleep. I mean, if Drake invites you over for a sleepover, the least you could do is stay up past your bedtime.

The sentimental speeches every five seconds also kill the party vibe with Drake declaring that he’s going to put his award in his “mom’s house” and that the secret to success is to “just work, man”. That's the kind of banal statement I’d expect to hear coming out of a motivational cat poster, not a Young Money signing. Even Lil Twist would probably be less humble while doing 90mph in a Porsche.


Drake has now proved himself, in my eyes at least, as someone who can put on a pretty buckwild party, can hold his liquor (all two shots) and pull off Persian-at-a-nightclub-attire on the GQ cover.

But also someone who can pull out some pretty convincing hooks. In between all that fun, Drake still managed to find the time to release some music over the weekend. And guess what, it's really great.

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