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Weekly Drop: The Week Hudson Mohawke Dropped A New Kanye West Track

Cam'Ron is back with a new track and Katy B dropped a banger.

Over the weekend Kanye West walked into a pole. It's pretty distressing that a man can no longer embarrass himself without the rest of the world watching, but, thankfully, public meltdowns weren't the only reason that he was in the news. Fresh off the back of Kanye tweeting "June Eighteen" - the date that his new record is rumoured to drop - new G.O.O.D Music-signee Hudson Mohawke slipped two new Kanye cuts into his set at the Free Form Festival in Poland. Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg recently confirmed that Kanye's sixth solo record was complete, stating that it sounds "dark and really good", which, if the new tracks that HudMo has been dropping are anything to go by, is probably an accurate assumption of what to expect.


Cam'Ron - "Golden Friends"

Have you ever seen Golden Girls? I've never watched it, mainly because it reminds me of something that my Nan would watch inbetween watering her plants and dusting her shelves. Still, Cam'Ron obviously has a thing for the 1980s sitcom, since he's sampled Andrew Gold's 1978 single "Thank You For Being A Friend", which was later re-recorded by Cynthia Fee and used as the theme song to the show. It's not exactly "Hey Ma 2.0", but, still, it's nice to know that Killa season has returned just in time for Summer.

Vampire Weekend Returned To SNL

Prior to performing on Saturday Night Live, Steve Buscemi sent Vampire Weekend the following email.

Considering that Buscemi has acted in some of the greatest films of all time (Yes, Adam Sandler cameos included) and Vampire Weekend are a bunch of kids who got famous for wearing block colour clothes and boat shoes while aping the sounds of Paul Simon's Graceland, it's a pretty nice sentiment. Despite the perplexity surrounding Steve and Vampy Weeks partnership, I'm still left wondering why no one has photoshopped Buscemi's face on to the Contra album cover. Anyway, Ezra and co took to the stage of SNL over the weekend to perform Diane Young, which you can watch (a really bad quality version of) above.

Katy B - "What Love Is Made Of"

If Katy B isn’t telling us porkies, love is basically a mesmerising cloud of club friendly arps and synthy basslines to suspend the reality of you faceplanting the armpits of some over-zealous raver. We may not have Cable any more (RIP), but I’d like to still think we have enough nightclub debauchery to share about. "What Love Is Made Of" could prove a worthy backdrop to it all as her second album comes into being on June 8.

Raekwon - "Son Of Sam"

It turns out that the members of Wu Tang Clan have some form of evergreen hip-hop power-up. Shrugging off stereotypes that limit most rappers to just five or six years within the limelight, The Chef has been thugging for near on twenty. So every now and then, he’s allowed to frolick within the Flora Light boundaries of the genre. “Son of Sam” is signposted street disciple natter with Raekwon speaking gospel over a deceptively jazzy underbelly.