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This Mash-Up of Britney's "Everytime" and the Twin Peaks Theme Has Achieved True Beauty

Toss out your hymn book and replace it with this.
Emma Garland
London, GB

Sometimes things happen in the world that make you question whether your life of over-indulgence, hedonism and wanking is a giant mistake, because god must be totally real. That's what it feels like listening to this version of "Everytime" by Britney Spears, where the original vocals remain but the minimal piano line has been replaced with Angelo Badalamenti's theme tune from Twin Peaks. I mean, it's such a seamless coming together of cultural iconography it's almost as if they were made to eventually coincide, and some curious internet user cracked the code, like a millennial Robert Langdon.


If you thought the Spring Breakers adaptation of this song was emotional, then you'd better grab some tissues and find one of those fancy toilet cubicles where the walls actually go directly from ceiling to floor to lock in all the noise, because you're about to feel some very real feels.

Basically, toss out your hymn book and replace it with this: