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TM Hunter’s "World On Fire" is a Sizzling World Music Hymn

The latest from the Copenhagen-based duo's got a shaman who can magically summon dubstep.

Two years have gone by since the Copenhagen-native power couple TM Hunter – AKA Michael and Therese Fischerson – gave us the EP La Porte, and now they’re back for more. It’s all happening in a big, ambient way with “World on Fire”. It's the first single off, the upcoming, first-ever full-length album (and potentially winning Eurojackpot numbers) from the Fischersons, set to drop on vinyl and digital on Friday the 15th. With Therese’s soft, soaring vocals and Michael (Iceage, Emma Acs, CTM) supplying the keyboard and piano as well as the Frankensteining of the song’s organic and electronic elements, it plays like an angelic world music hymn. Curiously, it's forcefully infused with radical elements of dubstep that are all the more dub because they’re totally the last thing you’re expecting. was fostered at the Royal Academy of Danish Music, where it was helped along by the vocals and trombone of Frederik Iversen of the music covenant Balstyrko, seasoned veterans of the Danish underground. The video is directed by William Reynish (known for his video work with When Saints Go Machine) and intimately shot in Livingston, Guatemala. That's a township founded by runaway slaves from America, which means the video incorporates a bona fide, real-deal shaman performing a ritual with a young woman and seemingly conjuring the blasts of dubstep out of thin air. So go—take the leap, set your world ablaze and massage your brain with this silky, experimental duo’s latest soundscape.