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Fat White Family Claim to be The Fall Frontman on "I Am Mark E Smith"

Listen to the premiere of the band's new single here.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

"I Am Mark E Smith", groans Fat White Family's frontman Lias Saudi, leering into the crowd, his neck popping and sweat pouring across his chest. This should be familar to anybody that's seen the band live this Summer - which, until now, was the only way to hear the Fall referencing song.

The track, which serves as a progression into the band's next venture (recording in the swamp or the desert with Fat Possum), is the first single on the band's new label, Without Consent, and will come with the b-side "I Am Joseph Stalin". Alongside putting out two songs that claim they are two very different people, the band are re-releasing their debut album Champagne Holocaust with a bunch more songs that, previously, have only been played live, and inner-spread artwork by Saul which features famous serial killers.


The extra songs that will be included on Champagne Holocaust are as follows:

1. Wet Hot Beef Part I

2. Wet Hot Beef Pt II

3. Now That I’m Taking Myself Seriously As An Artist (Wet Hot Beef Pt III)

4. Lend Me Some Cutter

5. Borderline (demo)

6. These Hands (demo)

7. Nagasaki Dust

8. Bomb Disneyland (live)

9. Mau!

10. Cream of the Young (Medicine 8 remix)

"I Am Mark E Smith" is available on 10” and download on October 27.

Champagne Holocaust is re-released by Trashmouth Records on Monday September 15th 2014.

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