The Soundtrack for 'Nightbreed' May Make You Wet the Bed, but You're Welcome

Danny Elfman's soundtrack to the Clive Barker film got a fancy vinyl reissue.

06 juli 2015, 10:46pm

Danny Elfman composed The Simpsons theme song, scored most of Tim Burton’s films, and was the lead singer and songwriter in Oingo Boingo. He won a goddamn Grammy. Dude is a living legend. He also scored the soundtrack to Clive Barker’s Nightbreed, a surrealist horror film from the director of Hellraiser and Candyman. The cult flick, which featured an acting role from David Cronenberg, tells the story of a subterranean city of murderous, undead monsters pitted against the film’s bad guys: humans.

And we have some great news for horror buffs, nerds and enthusiasts alike. The long out of print (and creepy) soundtrack has just gotten the vinyl reissue treatment from Waxwork Records and Morgan Creek, as the original release was pretty expensive and difficult to come by. The deluxe re-issue vinyl LP package features re-mastered audio, full package artwork by Rich Kelly, and 180 gram colored vinyl.

Now you can induce your worst nightmares as you dose off to the warm vinyl hiss of tracks like “Meat for the Beast,” “Breed Love,” and “End Credits.” Good luck not wetting your bed! Order your copy via Waxwork.