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Bam Margera Got Beaten Up by an Icelandic Rap Crew

Watch Bam's run in with The Glacier Mafia.

This article was translated from Noisey Switzerland.

This weekend, Bam Margera got beaten up by the Glacier Mafia. That’s actually not a joke. The Glacier Mafia is a rap crew, formed by Gísli Pálmi, a multi-million-dollar-son of one of the richest Icelanders. The former Jackass star and the rapper got in a fight at the Secret Solstice Festival—a typical islandic festival, where the whole lineup can be postponed by an hour, because Busta Rhymes’ burger takes longer to make than expected.


Islandic newspapers accused Bam Margera of harassing the female securities. The Glacier Mafia noticed that and took revenge. Margera spends a lot of time in Iceland, since his wedding took place in Reykjavik. He and his wife Nicole Boyd are well known for their rooftop after hours. OK, basically everybody in Reykjavik is. It’s a small town, where you can stumble upon famous musicians in every bar and practically kiss Björk's children good night.

Video via Visir

Every artist and crew member at the Secret Solstice I asked about the incident agreed on one thing: Bam Margera is a jackass. Speaker Ósk Gunnarsdóttir from the festival said that Bam has been "in a strange condition“ and tried to enter a production area. Two female employees tried to stop him, it got an little bit rough, and rapper Pálmi and his crew interfered.

According to Bam Margera, there’s a whole other background to the fight. Watch the video of the fight and Margera’s statement below.